Peterborough Area Model Boat Club

The Peterborough Area Model Boat club was formed in 1978 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts. The aim of the club is to further the hobby of constructing and sailing radio controlled model boats. We do this, by meeting regularly to discuss all sorts of matters associated with the hobby and by sailing our boats on the club waters. We welcome and encourage other individuals of all ages and abilities to join us in the enjoyment of the hobby.

boat pic We have a very active scale model section together with a small band of enthusiasts who construct various types of sailing boat. Whilst the majority of our scale members favour electrically powered craft, some members use steam to power their boats. Those wishing to sail or race i/c power boats are recommended to the Peterborough Model Power Boat Club.

We have a wide range of ages among our members who all interact together. Club facilities are generally accessible to our less physically able members, who regularly sail their boats on the lake.

boat pic Building and sailing radio controlled model boats is a good social and educational experience. Our membership encompasses all levels of ability and a range of skills. Members' models include kit and scratch built models as well as commercially built models. All our members regardless of their ability, skills or particular interests are considered a valuable resource by other members. Information, help and guidance is freely available to be shared by all.

On several occasions in the year, club members will provide a static display of their work at a fete or similar event. These events can often help toward raising funds for various bodies and gives non-members the opportunity to see examples of the wide range of models our members produce. Club members also exhibit their models at some major exhibitions. A few of our members, representing the club, travel to Germany for a week each year to attend the huge modelling exhibition at Dortmund. This exhibition covers all modelling disciplines and is well worth a visit.

boat pic Prospective members are always made very welcome at our meetings or at the lakeside. It is probably the best way to investigate the club activities and meet some of the members. Our club meetings usually consist of a diary of events and reports, followed by an item of interest such as a discussion on some aspect of the hobby, a video show, a talk by a member from another club, a demonstration or a teach-in of modelling skills always accompanied by a lot of discussion and exchanging of ideas.

Joining our club could not be easier. The only qualification is an interest in model boats. Contact details of the club officers are listed on this site. Of course any club member can be approached at the various club events held and will be pleased to point out the Club Officers where possible.

boat pic Building and sailing model boats is great fun and is only as difficult and expensive as you want to make it. The best place to be when you are interested in a hobby is the local specialist club, where freely provided support and assistance are always available. Come and join us. You will be made most welcome.

Regular sailing takes place at Hampton Vale Lake, which is situated within the Hampton Vale development. We get together, for a couple of hours, most Sunday and Wednesday afternoons at around 1:30pm. However, sailing can take place at any time.

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